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Third Sector

The third sector appears in society to fill the gaps of the State in serving the population; the result of grassroots organization in favor of social improvements. This sector represents the search for harmonious coexistence between economic development and socio-environmental responsibility, so as not to compromise the future of the next generations.

With this in mind, the attorneys at Hapner Kroetz are dedicated to assisting their clients (associations, foundations and other non-profit organizations) in finding the most adequate model to meet their objectives.


O que fazemos

  • Drafting and review of corporate documents;
  • Various kinds of contracts;
  • Tax planning;
  • Civil, employment and tax litigation;
  • Fundraising consulting;
  • Support in accounting reports.

Related areas

  • Administrative 

  • Environmental

  • Cooperatives

  • Education 

  • Mediation 

  • New Business and Startups

  • Health