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Real Estate and Civil Construction

The legal constraints involved in real estate development and construction operations, require specific knowledge of this economic sector and of the legislation, which is well-understood by the Hapner Kroetz team, both in public works and in the private sector.

What we do

  • Assistance for national and international companies and investors in structuring real estate transactions and businesses, such as incorporations, commercial, industrial and residential allotments, purchase and sale, exchange and lease of commercial, industrial and residential real estate;
  • Advice related to the implementation of commercial and industrial ventures, hotel complexes, shopping malls and shopping centers;
  • Advice on real estate business related to infrastructure and civil construction projects;
  • Advice and consulting in contracting guarantees in general and insurance contracts in their various and specific formats;
  • Advice and drafting of contracts to regulate the legal relationship in the sale of real estate units to consumers;
  • Expertise in forestry investments, reforestation projects, acquisition and sale of rural properties and forestry assets, including due diligence and ownership analysis and drafting of contracts related to operations (purchase and sale, leasing, partnership, development, and terrain, among others);
  • Real estate and land regularization before public bodies and government agencies;
  • Advice for companies and investors in the negotiation of leasing contracts, including built-to-suit and sale-and-leaseback, and construction contracts, even turn-key;
  • Advice on the setting-up and operation of real estate investment funds;
  • Advice on establishing real estate guarantees for financial and commercial transactions;
  • Preparation of advisory and legal opinions on real estate matters;
  • Consulting and litigation representation in administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings in matters related to contracts, torts in general, consumer law, credit recovery, lease, possession, and ownership;
  • Consumer litigation involving issues such as late delivery, collection of interest and fines and inadequate construction.

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