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The role of insurance - in whatever form - in people's lives and activities is growing. As a regulated segment, insurance activity requires careful mastery of the regulatory structure that guides it.

In this regard, the attorneys at Hapner Kroetz seek to assist in ensuring that operations in the insurance industry comply with the complex core of laws and regulations, especially with regard to business structure and the consequences of this type of business activity.


What we do

  • Regulatory law (CNSP, SUSEP, ANS, etc.);
  • Legal advice on insurance and reinsurance contracts a wide variety of forms, including torts in general, surety bonds, performance bonds, judicial bonds, D&O, life, health, lender and DPVAT;
  • Consulting and litigation representation in contracts involving, stipulation, administration and provision of brokerage and related services;
  • Lawsuits involving dispute of ownership, limits and coverage, fraud and consumer relations;
  • Corporate operations;
  • Tenders and Administrative Contracts;
  • Arbitration;
  • Mediation and negotiation;
  • Employment;
  • Tax.

Related areas

  • Consumer

  • Litigation

  • Business Contracts 

  • Cooperatives 

  • Real Estate and Civil Construction

  • Tort Law

  • Health

  • Employment