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Foreign Trade and Customs

The growing internationalization of trade has resulted in an increase in the number of contracts that choose to settle their disputes through arbitration, where the applicable rules and the place for the resolution of conflicts are the parties' choice. In addition, the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), which has been in force in Brazil since 2014, is widely understood by the attorneys at Hapner Kroetz. 

Taxes on such transactions have an impact on trading companies, which is why we have a group of attorneys focused on reducing tax costs. In addition, the proximity of the firm to the port city of Paranaguá facilitates direct action on customs issues resulting from the transit of goods.

What we do

  • International arbitrations and legal disputes involving foreign trade;
  • Negotiation and mediation for agreements in international disputes;
  • Analysis of international treaties and rules applicable to the business, especially the WTO and Mercosur;
  • Preparation of international trade contracts;
  • Regulatory law, in particular concerning the WTO;
  • Customs advice on the import and export of goods (tax classification of goods, customs clearance);
  • Minimization of tax burden on import and export operations;
  • Analysis of submission to special regimes such as Drawback, Temporary Export, Temporary Admission, Back to Back, Customs Warehouse and other processes related to the foreign trade area.

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