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Economic and Competition

Carrying out a business activity is subject to special legal rules, with the objective of repressing abusive economic practices that interfere, or may interfere, with the constitutional principles of free enterprise and free competition.

What we do

  • Prevention of tax, economic and consumer relations infractions and crimes;
  • Prevention of infringements due to acts considered an abuse of competition law;
  • Preparation and implementation of compliance programs;
  • Certification processes for compliance programs before the Secretariat of Economic Law of the Ministry of Justice (SDE);
  • Preventive audit of contracts, operations, and business practices in accordance with competition law;
  • Bringing legal actions or preparing representations before the antitrust authorities where clients are subject to abusive competition practices;
  • Defense in indemnity actions and public civil actions that are related to competition violations.

Related areas

  • Administrative

  • Compliance

  • Litigation

  • Infrastructure and Regulation