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Legal Due Diligence

In asset and equity transfer operations, business succession occupies a significant part of the attention of entrepreneurs who see themselves as candidates for successors. The prior assessment of business risks through legal due diligence contributes to the decision-making process, reduces uncertainties, and influences the strategic planning of the business.

What we do

  • Audit and risk assessment in the acquisition and sale of companies;
  • Corporate responsibilities;
  • Tax, employment, and consumer risks;
  • Compliance with the special rules of regulated sectors;
  • Secondary due diligence (involving partners and other business connections with potential risk of succession liability;
  • Health of assets, securities, or real estate;
  • Industrial property and trademark law;
  • Copyright;
  • Identification of circumstances that might compromise the proper fulfilment of the obligations taken on by the other negotiating party;
  • Special due diligence dedicated to the formation of 'Isolated Establishments and Assets' (a legal solution in Brazil which allows for the separation of potentially profitable operations) in court-supervised reorganizations.

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