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Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy

Hapner Kroetz has extensive experience in all matters related to company reorganization and bankruptcy processes, bringing together professionals trained in various areas of business law, tax and litigation, enabling the formation of multidisciplinary teams capable of offering solutions and individualized advice for the company in crisis.

It acts in the recovery of credit against companies under reorganization (extrajudicial or judicial) or bankruptcy, advising creditors and possible investors interested in companies in difficulty.

What we do

  • Analysis and advice on the recovery of the company in crisis: identification of critical aspects and proposing solutions for debt restructuring and corporate reorganization;
  • Legal assistance in extrajudicial, judicial and bankruptcy recoveries;
  • Incorporation of a company of creditors and representation before committees and creditors' meetings;
  • Recovery of credit before companies in extrajudicial, judicial and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Negotiation and advice on transactions involving the acquisition of assets or shareholdings in the context of extrajudicial, judicial or bankruptcy reorganization;
  • Execution against the principal debtor and co-obligors and filing and follow-up of other measures necessary for credit protection.

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