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Communication and Telecommunications

The area of communication is directly connected to personality rights. Our attorneys help newspapers, magazines, television stations, marketing, advertising and publicity companies, Internet application and content providers and digital influencers to take the necessary precautions, in particular with regard to image, honor, privacy, and intellectual rights.

What we do

  • Representation of companies in the communications industry in tort and consumer law proceedings;
  • Consulting and litigation representation in relation to concession contracts and relationships between concessionaires;
  • Consulting and litigation representation before the government, including lodging administrative appeals and taking necessary judicial measures;
  • Consulting on General Telecommunications Law related issues;
  • Mediation and negotiation for conflict resolution;
  • Regulatory (ANATEL) and Competition Law (CADE);
  • Tax planning;
  • Corporate operations, mergers and acquisitions.

Related areas

  • Consumer

  • Copyright and Trademark Law

  • New Business and Startups

  • Intellectual Property

  • Tort Law

  • Technology, Internet, and e-commerce

  • Tax